Article Proposal : Terraform and Fedora CoreoS

Hey there folks!

I’ve been having a lot of fun using Terraform and Fedora CoreOS together to specify my self hosted services. I’d like to write an article on some of the methods I’ve discovered to help others get started. In particular the shared philosophy between these tools and how you can glue them together using the lovely transpiler provider poseidon has made here

I think there is room for 2 parts potentially. Stateless servers are a good introduction, but there might be an additional discussion on stateful strategies that could be useful to folks as well (decoupling your storage from updates to your hosts so that they can be replace without losing data).

I’d like some feed back on the idea and to learn about where I can submit a draft :smiley:

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Hello @nfsmith,
+1 from me it sounds like a good idea. If you follow the instructions at and get yourself set up first. Then once we get a second +1 on this post, the editor will make a card on the magazine’s project board at Thanks for wanting to contribute.

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+1. I created the card.


Awesome! Thanks for the support :smiley:

Looking forward to the article. It looks like you haven’t signed in to yet. Please let me know when you’ve done that so I can add you to the board and assign the card to you.

Just signed in :smiley: Thanks @bcotton

Added and assigned! Happy writing!