Article proposal: systemd-resolved: rationale and configuration

Why resolved: single lookup mechanism, cache, dynamic interface and server lists, split dns, dbus api.
How to configure resolved: search domains, routing domains.
State introspection: resolvectl dns, resolvectl domain, etc.
Integration of NetworkManager and resolved.

  • VPN trusted more than local network
  • company VPN that should only handle company traffic

My primary goal is to explain how domain routing works, i.e. how resolved decides which servers to query for a given name.

I don’t want to talk LLMNR, mDNS, DNSSEC, or DoT in the first article. Maybe that’d be a good subject for a second article.
DoT was described in Use DNS over TLS - Fedora Magazine.

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+1 from me. This would be great, especially since this is an F33 Change.

Sounds good to me too, +1. Zbyszek, you probably want to log in to our Taiga board so we can put in a card for you and assign it to you to track article progress.

Thank you. I have already logged into Taiga.