[Article proposal] Snapper-replicator introduction

Hi Fedora people!

Let me introduce myself, I am Marcell Legeza, freelancer dev from Hungary. I am mostly working in the biotech industry and the stack i am mostly familiar with is .NET on linux. I am a linux user for 5 years by now, occasionally i make a switch back to windows but i always end up being in the linux world again in less than a week :slight_smile:

I am a fedora user for more than two years now, currently i am writing from a fedora container, hosted by suse micro os. (couldn’t manage silverblue to work on my pc unfortunately)

I would like to propose a specific article about an OSS project that i made: snapper-replicator. Fedora gave the idea of creating this application since it made a switch to btrfs as the default filesystem. I have a home server and a small business server, both of them run fedora and i wanted to break the habit of creating tar.gz backups and shipping them to a backup server using rsync.

There is a longer introduction here but basically snapper-replicator allows you to replicate (even incrementally) your btrfs snapshots created by snapper to a remote computer which also has btrfs and snapper set up. Supports both push and pull mechanism.

This way, in production, i create a daily backup using snapper, keep 10 records of history there and replicate the snaphots to my backup server where i keep everything.

I think this is a battle tested solution on small scale (home users, small business users) so probably would be interesting for other people.

Any feedback is appreciated both for the project and the article idea. I am also ok to shape the project further based on feedback before releasing any articles about it. (i am a very rookie OSS contributor so please, bear with me :slight_smile: )



This sounds like a good article for Fedora Magazine.


If another editor gives your idea a +1, then it will be approved for the Magazine.


Hello @legezam Welcome to the Fedora Discussion area, and the Fedora Magazine section specifically.
+1 on the proposal, I have created a card (#329) on the Fedora Magazine Project Kanban for tracking the article through it’s stages.
If you haven’t done so already, please follow the directions for getting setup as a writer found here.

Thank you!

I am already set up, i can see the wordpress dashboard, only the kanban card is not visible to me. Well, it is visible, but once i open it, the main area of the page is empty for me.

Hello @legezam ,
Could you provide me with the email address you used at the Taiga board? I will add you to our writing team with it.

Hello @jakfrost , it was legezam@gmail.com, thank you in advance!

You are now assigned to the Taiga card #329 “Introduction to Snapper-replicator on Fedora Linux”. When you begin working on it move the card to the “In Progress” columm, then into the “Review” column when you are ready for it to be reviewed by editors

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@legezam We have moved our article tracking from Taiga to Pagure and it looks like you have never logged in to that system. If you can login to Pagure with your FAS login, we can assign this article to you. Please leave a comment on Card #66 when have logged in.


@legezam I’m checking in with you to see if you have made any progress on this article. It appears that you have not logged in to Pagure so we can’t assign the article to you.

If you could log in there and let us know then we can assign it to you. You can then leave a comment on the Pagure card with the WordPress preview link when the article is ready for review.

Thank you