[Article Proposal] Silverblue/Kinoite (ostree systems) setup after installation

Article Summary:

This article will include the basic and advanced modification that the user can do to their system as well as its comprehensive description of what it is about and else.

Article Description:

Since there are barely materials that covers a good setup after installation for Fedora OSTree, there is a need for a comprehensive and a detailed one which will cover what are the things that can be done and the improvements it will give. Moreover, the article will also include tip and tricks that the user can do to improve their workflow and the system overall, for example, disabling of some of the apps that is not needed, or turning off the workqueue for SSD which is not needed, among other things.

There are articles that do not cover these, but if they do, they do not give what are those for or what it will improve, along with its consequences and potential dangers. Thus, I decided to propose this one.

+1. Thanks!

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