[Article Proposal] Searching for packages with `rpm-ostree search`

Article Summary:

More recently in version 2023.06 of rpm-ostree a search command has been added:

rpm-ostree now supports the “search” verb allowing users to use rpm-ostree to search for available packages. An example of this is: rpm-ostree search *kernel

It’s very unlikely that users read the rpm-ostree changelog, so an article about the new feature should allow them to know that the feature now exists.

Article Description:

The idea of the article would be mostly to show the old way users of ostree-based distros had to search for packages (that is, with dnf from inside a toolbox) and afterwards present an example of the new way with a search for neofetch using rpm-ostree search neofetch.

This elaborates on a new Fedora feature so I’ll give this a +1

When another editor agrees we’ll open a Pagure ticket to track your article. Thanks for the proposal.

+1 :slight_smile: .

Pagure ticket #227 has been created to track your article @mateusrodcosta

Thanks for volunteering to contibute to the Fedora Magazine!

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