[Article proposal] rpmdistro-repoquery: a cross-distribution repoquery tool

Article Summary:
Showcase rpmdistro-repoquery and how it can be used to do repoqueries on other RPM-based distributions from the comfort of one’s distribution of choice

Article Description:
rpmdistro-repoquery is a tool that ships with repository definitions for various RPM-based distribution (currently Fedora, CentOS, RHEL UBI, Mageia, and several SUSE variants).

This article will showcase how it can be used to simplify doing package operations across multiple distributions (e.g. checking if an update for one of the CentOS Stream servers you manage has hit the mirrors) without having to SSH into one of the hosts (or start a container or VM).

In particular, it will discuss how ebranch uses it to be able to compare the package sets available in Rawhide vs EPEL for the purpose of branching.

I plan to end with an invitation to the community to contribute additional repos to rpmdistro-repoquery for any distribution we don’t currently support, and/or contribute fixes and improvements.


+1. Thanks for this Michel!

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+1 from me as well. I’ve opened Pagure ticket #165 for your article.

Please let us when you have it ready in Fedora Magazine WordPress by leaving a preview link on #165 . Feel free to use that ticket for any questions you may have.


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Thanks! I’ll start drafting it, hopefully I have something ready-ish in a couple of days

Following up - I linked a draft to the Pagure issue, and noted that I am experiencing some formatting issue with the preview - is there a good way to use < and > ? Seems like in Blocks they show properly, but then in the preview the HTML escape codes are shown unrendered.

There is a preformatted block type that you need to use before pasting code. I’ll see if I can fix it.

I changed the code sections to the preformatted block type and it appears to have auto-converted things. Double-check that everything is now encoded right and just let us know if you need anything more. :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks fine, thanks @glb ! Is there anything else needed from my end?

Is there anything else needed from my end?

Nope. If you are happy with it, we’ll give it one last check for any obvious typos and such and then schedule it for publication.


This has been scheduled to go out at 08:00 UTC.

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