Article proposal - RHSCL containers and where to get them

Article Summary:
The article itself will populate RHSCL container which exists in Fedora, CentOS Stream 8, and CentOS Stream 9 land.

Article Description:
The article will show users, what containers can be used by the community depending on either the host system or based on their preference. We will look at the registries, where our container lives, how often they are updated, and more.

This sounds awesome. +1 Thanks Petr.

+1 Petr
I’ve created Pagure Ticket #117 to track the progress of your article.

Please use the ticket for any question and information you need. The editors will see your comments.

When you have your WordPress version of the article please let us know by adding a comment to the ticket with a link to the preview.

The work flow for artricles is describe here:
Some information on contributing is described here: