[Article Proposal] Recommended Apps to Use for Daily Needs in Fedora

My friends often ask about applications that are suitable for use on Fedora for daily needs, especially for those who just migrated from Windows. Here I will explain recommended apps to use for daily needs in Fedora. I will break down some general categories.

  1. Browser (epiphany/GNOME Web & Firefox)
  2. Office Suite (LibreOffice, OnlyOffice)
  3. Graphics (GIMP, Inkscape)
  4. Audio Editor (Audacity, LMMS)
  5. Video Editor (Kdenlive, Shotcut)

Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like a bit much for one article. Do you think you could make this a series?

Yeah. It seems too much. Sure. I can make it a series. The first series for the browser, the second series for the office, etc. How to write the title?

Just a suggestion, it could be “A Beginners Guide to getting used to and use out of Fedora Linux - Part(1), Web Browsers”

There is no series like that for Fedora Magazine I think, at least not for some time. There tends to be more specific use “how to’s”.

Anyway, just a comment from the peanut gallery.


Or, off the top of my head, perhaps
Fedora Linux Alternatives for Windows Apps: Web Browsers
Fedora Linux Alternatives for Windows Apps: Office Suites
…and so on.

Thanks. You have my +1 for doing a series on these common applications. The title doesn’t matter to me so much. I just think most of our audience probably prefers shorter articles with one or two revelations as opposed to a technical manual. Also, having plenty of articles in the queue for publication helps to avoid those dry spells where we end up with nothing to publish for a day or two. :wink:

P.S. I think someone else is currently working on an in-depth Inkscape article. You might want to skip that one or just refer to the other article at the end of the one you are going to do on GIMP.

Thanks, @glb, @rlengland, & @jakfrost .

How about this?

Apps for daily needs part 1: web browsers

Ephiphany (GNOME Web), Firefox, Chromium

Apps for daily needs part 2: office suites

LibreOffice, OnlyOffice, Calligra

Apps for daily needs part 3: graphics

GIMP, Krita, Darktable, Inkscape (Just for mention, but I will direct this to other article)

Apps for daily needs part 4: audio editor

Audacity, LMMS, Ardour

Apps for daily needs part 5: video editor

Kdenlive, Shotcut, Pitivi

In each application I will briefly explain its function, screenshots, and provide a link to the official website. I don’t know if it’s necessary to explain how to install it? Or just give the installation command (how to install via terminal)?

Is 3 apps per category enough?


Maybe the start of each article could state something like “If you are unfamiliar with how to add software packages in Fedora Linux, see my earlier article Things to do after installing Fedora 34 Workstation”. We could even link that article in as part of the series so that it shows up as a sort of unofficial “part 0” on the left sidebar.

Ok noted @glb . I’ll wait for another +1. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll give this a +1.
However, I think we should probably have a Taiga card for each article, so we can keep track of them.

I’ve created Taiga card #347 for the first article.

If @glb believes we should handle tracking in a different manner, this may change. We can discuss it in our Editorial meeting tomorrow (Thursday 8 July)

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Thank you. I will start writing today.

If possible, please include a screenshot editor that can do:

  • cropping
  • resize
  • add markings / text box
  • masking

So that screenshots can be edited and ready to be posted to forums.

Sure. I think screenshot is important to for daily needs. I can be added to the series. Thanks for the suggestion.

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While reading Part1 or Part2, Part3 is shown in the “IN THIS SERIES”.

However, when clicking on Part3, I got error404.

Actually I’m still working on part 3 and it’s not finished yet. Looks like it will be finished early next week.

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I would suggest taking a look at “Shutter”. Does screen capture and annotations. Available in the Fedora Linux repos