Article proposal: OKD4 deployment to local vagrant environment

With the release of OKD4 which runs on fedora-coreos, I have written up a tutorial to set it up using Vagrant/Ansible. It is a bit more niche than most things on the Fedora Magazine but if people are interested then I could flesh it out a bit and make it a little more article style.

+1 from me. I haven’t seen a Vagrant article in some time. And using Ansible too, I say let’s do it.


I don’t mind long technical articles. Even if I’m not doing what the article is about, I often glean interesting technical tidbits from them.

I’ll try to get your Taiga account set up now…

Not quite sure what to do next. Looking at the instructions ere

I have found the card on Tagia but I cannot do anything with it although I see others appear to have drafted their article on the card
I have an account in Wordpress and at the top it says to put the idea at PUT IT HERE!
It seams that I may also be able to just start a new post in Wordpress

A little hint in the right direction would be appreciated.


Hi Tim:

The “PUT IT HERE” link is for proposals. It links to this section of the discussion forum and you’ve already done that part.

Though one person did write their first draft in Taiga, it is not meant for that and they had all sorts of formatting problems when they tried to copy it over to WordPress. Don’t do that.

The reason that your account isn’t active on Taiga yet is because you haven’t replied to the activation email that it sent out when your account was added to the system. Until you verify your account through that email, I cannot assign it to a card. I just re-sent the invitation so you can try again in case the email was trashed by your spam filter or something.

That is the correct next step now that you have approval for the article.

@timhughes I’ve added you to the Taiga board as a writer. You can now assign the card to yourself, move it to the “in progress” column, and start writing your article in Wordpress.

@glb I don’t think Taiga actually sends those emails. I always ask people to log in to Taiga first (so it creates an account for them) and then I just add them.

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Thanks Adam. I didn’t realize the email system didn’t work.