[Article Proposal] Multi-Session Matrix Client with Element on Fedora Linux

This article is about how to alter / add desktop files to create multiple distinct matrix sessions that can run in parallel. I stumbled upon this using the Flatpak Element client on Fedora Workstation when I had to get my personal and work-related session on the same desktop

The introduction will shortly introduce the Element Flatpak under Fedora Linux. The Prerequisites then link to the Flatpak articles and instruct installation of the Element Flatpak. In the actual Multi-Session Section I’ll describe how to create two Desktop files with the CLI parameters to run two Element sessions with two distinct profiles under the same Linux user


Sounds great. +1

Would this go out after the official Fedora Matrix homeserver announcement or is before OK?

I’ll write the main corpus this weekend. It’s a simple article so I think I’ll get it done this WE. When do you plan on releasing the announcement?

I don’t know. It is on the checklist. But I don’t see anything in WP. I’m assuming that Matthew Miller will write the article.

+1 @w4tsn I’ve created Taiga card #391 for the article.


Yeah, I plan to. Possibly with some ghost written draft help. :slight_smile:

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