Article Proposal Multi-part - Bash Scripting for beginners

I would like to do a multi-part article on Bash scripting. Stepping through different topics building on each other. Examples of what I would like to cover is permissions, variables, loops, if statements and command output. Thoughts on the subject?

First Article:
Doing it all from the terminal
Setup the first Hello World!
establishing permissions
Conclusion and what is coming

Following Articles:
Quick review of prior topics
Introduction to the new topic
walk through
Conclusion and what is coming

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@zexcon I’d give this a +1
I searched through the Magazine for previous articles and the only ones that seemed to conflict were these two on permissions which you might simply want to refer to rather than duplicate:

There is also this one that describes aliases, resource (dot) files, environment variables, and the $PATH variable. If you go that direction you might use it as as reference:

+1 from me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve created card #354 to track your first article. Please move it to “in progress” when you begin writing your article and then to “review” when the article is ready for publication.


@glb and @rlengland just wanted to run this by you guys. Would it be acceptable to write the series of articles before we publish? My thoughts are making sure I have everything in the correct place/order so it flows and not making one article extremely long.

Hi @zexcon.

Absolutely! Take all the time you need. We prefer quality over quantity :slightly_smiling_face:.

Since you want this to be released all at once, I propose using the “tasks” sub-feature of Kanban to track the different parts of your series. Set them to “in progress” or “ready for review” as you go so we know that you are making progress and what parts to glance at if you think they are done. But don’t move the whole card to the “review” column until all the parts are finished.

The jury is still out on whether this is the best way to track a series like this. I’m trying to get Richard’s feedback on which way works best – juggling multiple cards or trying to track them together using one card. It may depend on whether the author prefers to write them all and then publish or to publish them as the author goes.

I’ve created some sample sub-tasks on the card. Feel free to delete and/or rename them as you see fit.