[Article Proposal] Mounting Azure Files on Fedora Cloud in Azure

Article Summary:
Mounting Azure Files on Fedora Cloud in Azure

Article Description:
There is a similar article related to AWS EFS: Mounting the AWS Elastic File Store on Fedora · Major Hayden
I think it should be useful if I create an article: how to mount Azure Files in Fedora Cloud, which is going to be deployed in Azure. I plan to deploy everything via Terraform and Ansible

Mmmm… This sounds like it would be more about how to use Azure than it would be about Fedora Linux. I’m going to say no to this one unless you can convince me otherwise. It might, however, make a decent quick doc.

Since I will deploy Fedora Cloud in Azure, the Azure description will of course be included as well. However, Fedora Cloud takes a higher priority, even installing Fedora Cloud in Azure is not as easy as in AWS. There will also be a description of installing efs-utils, mounting nfs etc…

Are the commands Fedora Cloud specific? What about Fedora Cloud will this article be promoting? Or, is Fedora Cloud just being used as a stand-in OS for an article that is otherwise really about how to use Azure? Put another way, could I substitute “Fedora Cloud” in the article with another Linux OS and the article would be essentially the same?

I understand that “installing Fedora Cloud (or whatever other Linux OS) in Azure is not [easy]”. And that is good justification for writing some documentation about how to do it. But is Fedora Magazine the right place for such documentation? The primary goals of Fedora Magazine are to promote Fedora Linux and to promote other Free/Libre and Open Source Software. I’m not yet convinced that this article would serve that purpose.

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