[Article Proposal] Matrix / Fedora IM in Fedora

Article Summary:
An article that describes the benefits, and the collaboration that can be done in Matrix. It should also showcase “how” to use Fedora IM, basics of Matrix (like around sessions/keys), and 3-4 clients.

Article Description:

  1. What is Matrix?
  2. What can you do with Matrix?
  3. How can you get started on Fedora IM?
  4. Basic Navigation of Fedora IM
  5. Talk about Sessions / Auth
  6. Other Matrix clients
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@dcantrell and I would like to collaborate on this.

Good initiative! Maybe, we could highlight two widgets - Jitsi in Matrix and Etherpad - for collaboration in use cases.

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+1! :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 from me, as well.

I’ve opened Pagure ticket #255 to track your article. Please use the ticket for communications about the article.

When you have the article in WordPress and ready for review/edit, leave a comment on the ticket containing a preview link and the editors will take a look.

BTW, Pagure does not let us add two authors but we will make certain @dcantrell is included in WordPress.