Article Proposal: Manage Containers with Podman-Compose

Hi everyone.

I’d love to write an article on Podman-Compose which is a podman-based alternative to Docker’s Docker-Compose for Linux systems. Let me know what you think.
PS. This is the first time I’m using the new mag. workflow, so pardon me for skipping something.


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+1 the more podman, the better


Also a big podman fan! +1

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Should I create a kanban card for article spec or is it supposed to be created by someone else?

The last editor to give the +1 was supposed to create the spec card for this topic.
[Edit] Created card #276 “Manage container with Podman-Compose” in the spec column.
Could you please follow the directions at in particular getting access. Let us know what email is used to sign up on Taiga and you will get added to the members list.

Hey Stephen!
Thanks for the update. This is the email I am using on Taiga:

powergame_coder2 [at yahoo dot com]


I invited you to be a member and assigned the role of writer. I assigned the card to you and added the editors to watch.

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Whoops! Sorry Stephen – I will take a look for the other 2nd +1 I gave last night and see about making a card if needed. I was a bit distracted at the time.

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Thanks Stephen. I am working on the article.

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Hey everyone! The article is done. I also drafted a cover for it. Please check in the Taiga board and let me know what you think.