[Article Proposal] Let's Publish Fedora Knowledge Base about Linux Audio

Article Summary:

Newcomers receive help from helpers, who are experienced in problem solving. Ask Fedora has vast knowledge based on commonly requested issues and solutions. Some of the solutions is self-contained and works for many situations where users can apply the solutions without modifications. However, we see repeating questions that vary on how to troubleshoot issues specific to user’s environment.

An initiative to rewrite solutions in Ask Fedora for Quick Docs articles has received positive responses. Rather than converting solutions to Quick Docs as they are, we believe rewriting solutions as troubleshooting guide would save time in the long run. All we need is to find volunteers and subject matter specialists to take on rewriting them for Quick Docs.

Article Description:

The article will start with the context behind the initiative and why we chose audio issues and Quick Docs for publication.


  • What expertise required
  • Which upstream audio packages are affected
  • Reviewer workflow
  • Tools and onboading
  • Hackfest: DevConfCZ
  • Timeline review and roadmap

Please find the relevant thread in discourse.

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+1 @hankuoffroad I’ve created Pagure ticket #257 for your article.

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