[Article Proposal] Keycloak on Fedora Workstation with Podman

Summary: Describe how to set up and use Keycloak with SSL/TLS encryption on Fedora Workstation using Podman

Description: The purpose of this article is to introduce Keycloak as an enterprise-ready identity and access management solution and how to deploy it on Fedora Linux with a production-like configuration using Podman, as well as the basics of configuring realms, users and clients. A side objective is to educate users on security principles applicable to both personal and enterprise computing. Since Keycloak can be deployed with Podman which is included with Fedora Workstation out of the box, this article would also ideally promote Podman, as well as the Authenticator MFA app on Flathub and the surrounding GNOME open source ecosystem.

The flow of the article would be as follows:

  1. What Keycloak is and its advantages over competing offerings
  2. Minimum resource requirements for following this lab
  3. Generating SSL/TLS certificates for secure HTTPs connections
  4. Deploying Keycloak on Fedora Linux with Podman and secure HTTPs connections
  5. Creating a realm for a fictitious organization
  6. Securing the realm with mandatory MFA for all users
  7. Creating a user account for a fictitious employee
  8. Creating a Keycloak client for a demo application
  9. Completing the SSO login flow with the Keycloak SPA online demo
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