Article Proposal: Introduction to Ulauncher

Lately I’ve increasingly integrated use of Ulauncher into my workflow and I really like application launchers. I’d like to introduce applications launchers in general and Ulauncher in particular. This also seems like a nice article because Ulauncher is a relatively new package in Fedora.

The outline would look something like:

  • What is an application launcher
  • Introduce Ulauncher
  • Getting Ulauncher installed and running in Fedora
  • Highlighting my favorite extensions
  • Conclusion
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+1 :slightly_smiling_face:

+1. I’ve created card 270 and assigned it to you. Happy writing!

What shortcut does it use by default?

It is possible to rebind GNOME Alt-F1 for running it?

The default is ctrl-space. It should be possible to rebind to anything you want. Especially if you rebind using the Gnome keyboard shortcut preferences, calling ulauncher-toggle as the command. In fact using the Gnome config is the most reliable method anyway, most especially under Wayland.

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