Article proposal: Installing and running Vagrant using qemu-kvm

Simple, short how-to on getting Vagrant machines running on a Fedora/Linux machine.

  • Install virtualisation software
  • Install Vagrant
  • Install vagrant-libvirt plugin
  • Download a box
  • Basic Vagrantfile to check things are working

+1 It’s been a while since we’ve had any Vagrant content on the magazine.

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+1, Vagrant article would be welcome.

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I can’t see a Kanban card in Taiga - can I still create the new post in Wordpress? I don’t want to jump the gun…

Hello @amott,
There is a Taiga card (#231). I have assigned you to the article, which is now in progress. Certainly you can create the post on WP at any time you want.

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The article is written and ready for review - I’ve moved the Kanban card to the review column

Thanks for publishing it - great to see something I’ve written ‘in print’ :slight_smile:

I’m getting notifications about comments needing moderation but don’t seem to be able to approve them - should I?

Hello @amott,
You’re very welcome. I am not sure if you can approve comments on our WP instance. Perhaps @bcotton would know more about that. I approved the ones waiting for now.

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