Article Proposal : How to setup Pi-Hole without changing SE Linux

Article explaining : How to setup Pi-Hole in Fedora without disabling SE Linux

Hello @nerdyadventurer,
+1 on the article idea. Welcome to the community! Thank you for arriving bearing gifts!

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Yes, please!


@nerdyadventurer Welcome to Fedora Magazine!

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I would like to see this article also. I tried to setup pihole in a container on Fedora 33 server without success. I ran into port 53 conflicts with the systemd-resolved service. When I stopped and disabled systemd-resolved I got the container to run but after a reboot I could not get it to start again because of file not found error where /etc/resolv.conf was missing.

I proposed the article idea since I also want to see it happen, I move to Fedora from Linux Mint several months ago I am not familiar with Fedora that much. I would like someone well versed in Fedora write the article.