[Article proposal] How to rebase to Fedora 35 on Silverblue


I did a How to rebase to Fedora 34 on Silverblue - Fedora Magazine article in the past and I would gladly do another for F35. I can write most of the article before the F35 is out, except adding the images for GNOME Software. Those needs to be added after release.

Thanks Michal. +1 Needing to wait until after the release to add the images might explain why this article is always scheduled for the day after.

+1 from me, @zlopez I’ve created Pagure issue (card) #48 to track your article.

Please follow all of the directions found at
except for the KanBan part (Pagure will replace that). We are using Pagure to track and comment on the article as it progresses and to answer questions from the authors, from time to time. It is a handy way of keeping track of the article progress for both the authors and the editors. Also a good place to ask for help about specifics of what you are writing if needed.

This is a change from the previous process since Taiga is being decommissioned.

  • The editors will move the card to “in progress” once you start writing the article. Please let us know by commenting on the issue (card) in Pagure.

  • After you have completed the article, and feel it is ready for review, please add a comment to the card so the editors know to move it to the Review column.

The editorial board meets weekly (Thursday’s at 1500 UTC) at #fedora-meeting channel on libera.chat (irc), and will review the article in the “review” status at that time and decide if it is ready for publishing or not. If publishing is decided, then an Editor and Image creator are assigned (often the same person) and the article gets scheduled. If the editors feel the article needs more work, it will be moved back to the in progress column, and the author will be informed of the reason(s), usually with helpful suggestions on what needs some more work.

Please don’t forget to explain in the article how to pin the latest F34 image, just in case something goes wrong.

I updated the draft with the guide to pin the deployment.

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