[Article Proposal] How to publish your content using GitHub Pages and Jekyll

Article Title: How to publish your content using GitHub Pages and Jekyll.

Who would be interested in this topic: Any type of persona such as a developer, an administrator, a technical writer, who wants to create a static website for their developed content.

This article will cover:

  1. A short introduction to GitHub Pages and Jekyll
  2. A step-by-step procedure to use GitHub Pages and Jekyll to write and publish the content
  3. Advantages of using GitHub Pages and Jekyll

Thank you!

I don’t know anything about it. But I just did a search for “jekyll” using dnf and some rubygems came up. Assuming this is FOSS that runs on the latest releases of Fedora Linux, it has my +1. :slight_smile:

Great, Thanks!
So, can I start writing the draft for this topic? @glb

Yeah. Please follow the instructions here to get access to WordPress. Be sure to sign the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement. A card will also need to be created to track your article’s progress.


I’ve created card #397 to track this article.

Jekyll is FOSS. I use it on my website and I absolutely love it.

I have had a lot of problems setting it up using the Fedora repos, so I decided to use Toolbox for that.

@serveshad are you interested in writing one for GitLab as well? Not everyone trusts Microsoft and GitHub (understandably).

Hey @theevilskeleton
Yeah, I might be interested. Once my current article is published I can ponder upon GitLab.


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@rlengland I have logged in to Issue #55 and have access to it. I think the issue can be assigned to me. Thanks!

It should be yours now, @serveshad Thanks