[Article Proposal] How to create a home network using Fedora Linux

Article Proposal: How to set Home Network using Fedora OS?

Generally I think to focus on end effect than on core functionality.

So I consider to covert topic of:

  • data organisation
  • data access
  • tools and programs (R Studio, Git, Jenkins, Eclipse)

So it might be long - 10-15 pages how to do this semi-automatic.
I just want to do this in my home-network so I consider to share this with others.

Is it correct to the line of Fedora Magazine …

Best regards

P.s. I will be able to answer in the evenings…

I would suggest writing separate/independent articles on each of the tools first. Then write a final article about how they can be made to work together in a networked development environment (linking back to the previous articles for the details about setting up the individual tools). Would that work? You could hint in the earlier articles that a final article that will tie them together is coming.

Gregory, good tip.
I like this point. It could create stream of articles about “my home Fedora network” where people can discuss about solutions and security.
I need about 3 weekends to collect all information (structure, articles, important points from my perspective) and share this on Fedora Magazine as first article. (I have projects at work not directly connected to our topics).
Do we have any editor/corrector who can fix some spelling errors or verify the text before publishing?

But I have general question: audition - on which level should I write 100-new/beginners 200-advanced users.
I rather use simple logical style of writing to make subjects easy to accept.

Critics of Windows is allowed or we focus only on professional description of Fedora?


Hello Tomasz,
We don’t criticize other distros’ or OS’s since it is quite simply against our CoC policy, and against the spirit of the Fedora Community of inclusivity. Pointing out technical superiority is Okay, as an example Fedora’s constant integration of leading edge technology makes it first. You know generally like that.

As for level of audience, this will be sometimes determined by the content you are writing about. But generally, you should probably aim for the intermediate user in this case due to the subject matter. Also, there have been a slew of entry level articles lately.


That is a normal part of the workflow.

It is up to you. We publish both advanced and beginner-level articles. When writing about more advanced topics, it is good to link to explanations of terms or other more basic howto’s where possible so that someone who is less familiar with Linux could potentially follow along.

We try to keep things as positive as possible. Fedora tries to foster a friendly environment.

+1 from me on these articles.

Hello @tmssz , I’ve created Taiga card #383 to track your article(s). We may decide to assign new sub-task cards for each article if you decide this should be a series of articles.

Please follow all of the directions found at Writing Articles :: Fedora Docs

Follow the directions for getting access at Getting access :: Fedora Docs Make certain you have signed the FPCA (Fedora Project Contributor Agreement) and that you have signed into Taiga. This sign in is necessary before we can assign the Taiga card to you.

We use the Taiga cards to comment on the article as it progresses and to answer questions from the authors, from time to time. It is a handy way of keeping track of the article progress for both the authors and the editors. Also a good place to ask for help about specifics of what you are writing if needed.

When you have access you can start writing your article at Fedora Magazines Wordpress site, just log in with you FAS ID and create the post.

Once you are added to the magazines project tracking (Taiga) as a writer, and assigned to the card for your article spec by an editor you can move the card to in progress while you are writing the article. After you have completed the article, and feel it is ready for review, move the card to the Review column.

FYI: The editorial board meets weekly (Thursday’s at 1500 UTC) at #fedora-meeting channel on libera.chat (irc), and will review the article at that time and decide if it is ready for publishing or not. If publishing is decided, then an Editor and Image creator are assigned (often the same person) and the article gets scheduled. If the editors feel the article needs more work, it will be moved back to the in progress column, and the author will be informed of the reason(s), usually with helpful suggestions on what needs some more work.

Thank you guys for information.
First realistic date is 7.10.2021.
So till this time I will be silent - will try to come back with draft before this date.

first draft in Wordpress with title “Fedora Based Home Network (1)”.
Can somebody look at this?
Thank you in advance. I will come back to editing tomorrow after 19:00 CET.

Hi Tomasz:

At a glace the article looks OK to me. If it is not too much trouble, can you redo the command-line screenshots so that they are preformatted text blocks? The screenshots of the text can be hard to read; especially on small screens.

Hello Gregory and Friends,

Part 2 and Part 3 I will try to write till 17.11.2021.
I think I will aggregate information into parts as following drafts:
" My Fedora Linux home network part 2 – network and network security (external security)"
" My Fedora Linux home network part 3 – application settings and data protection (internal security)"

Because these 2 subjects are very close related I will try to find out how to make logical separation.
This time on version 35.

So I going to off-line mode till this time. Of course from time to time I will make comments.


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