[Article Proposal] How do you Fedora?

It’s not clear if Reply is the right way to propose an article, but here goes. My wife uses Fedora, but only because I don’t support Windows. :slight_smile: That should be an interesting perspective for “How do you Fedora?” Is there a list of questions for an interview? Would I do the interview? Someone else? Special problems include “all my friends use Windows or Mac”.


We prefer a separate thread for each article proposal. But we can easily fix it, so it’s no problem either way. :slightly_smiling_face:

I concur. +1

I think @haripriya21 is doing those interviews. She should be able to answer your questions.


Waiting for @haripriya21 to respond, which I assume will happen on this thread.

I am glad about your interest. I have written the last article of Jim Hall and I have all the basic set of questions which needs to be discussed. If @glb agrees we can make this move forward.

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I’ve already given my +1. I think this would be a good article. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for helping Stuart with this Karimi!

P.S. Don’t forget to create a card on Kanban so we know when the article is ready.

@sdgathman Can I get her email Id?.

I sent as a private message - but I haven’t found how to check private messages sent.

Did you get the email?

Yeah, I got it. I guess she is not interested in this. Soo, we can’t make this move forward

You could interview me. I am your typical geek with a fixation on decentralized protocols and applications. Why did I choose Fedora over Gentoo, Slackware, etc?


Definitely interesting question. Interview him!

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+1 From me

Cool !!.. @sdgathman Can I get your email id ??

My email is stuart@gathman.org. It is already quite public. Spam is a resource when you have to tools to process it. :slight_smile:

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Any feedback on the “interview”? Too long?