[Article Proposal] Host your own Fedora IoT Remix remote and use it

This article is a follow up on “Build your own Fedora IoT Remix” that focuses on the deployment side of things.

The content should be:

  • what is a remote, how does it work
  • how to use nginx container to serve, configs for file serving; deploy nginx on your Workstation, your FIoT device or a remote server
  • deployment on an existing Fedora IoT machine
  • simple ostree remote security through GPG signatures


  1. Introduction
  2. Deployment with NGINX
  3. Deployment and upgrades of the system
  4. Summary


First I want to introduce as a follow up to the article where we built a custom Remix to now show what ways of using or deploying it there might be. As usual terminology will be tackled here.

Next we take a look at NGINX containers as a deployment method and a reasonable configuration for file serving, tailored to ostree repos. I use containers here because this way we can show how to serve ostree decoupled from the deployment platform. That allows for the interesting use-cases to deploy the ostree either on your Workstation, so your e.g. Raspberry(s) can pull it from there. Deploy it on the Raspberry itself to have it all in one place or deploy it on a public server.

Next we go through the steps to configure the remote, make a rebase, pull down upgrades.

Last but not least we sum it all up.

It sounds good to me. +1. :slight_smile: