Article proposal: grub/console font size

Default grub font size on a 14" notebook with either a 2k (WQHD) or 4k (UHD) display is small to very small, making it almost illegible unless you have 20/20 vision.

There was a thread on the forums that shows how to change the font, but having a fedora magazine article would be better.

Using a 24dpi font size works fine on my 14" ThinkPad with 2K display, but for my 14" ThinkPad with 4K display, using a 36dpi font was more suitable.


Hello @rob72,
Welcome to the Magazine topic on the Fedora community discussion forum.
I will give this idea a prelim +1.

To expand it a bit, here is also how to enlarge the console font for when you boot to text mode, or switch to a virtual tty afterwards:

I think I did this the hard way several years ago. A short article on this would be great! +1 :+1:

THAT is the way I did mine. It was definitely more helpful to have both the grub and console screens show up with a bigger font.