Article Proposal: Getting started with COBOL development on Fedora 33

Hi all, it’s been a few years since I have proposed an article, but I am wanting to get back into writing. I have an article rough draft fleshed out and I think it might be good for an upcoming article in Fedora Magazine. It walks readers through installing gnucobol, then goes on to detail coding a simple hello world program in Vim, then running the program. Finally, it walks readers through writing, compiling, and running a more interesting cobol program, such as a Fibonacci counter. Please let me know what you think.


+1 looks cool

+1 I created the card on our Kanban board. Please sign in to with your Fedora account and I’ll add you as the author.

Ok, I have logged in and I can see the entry for the article on the Kanban board and left a comment so that you can find my username easily. What are the next steps?

I added you as a writer and assigned you to the card. You can start writing the article and move the card to “to review” when you’re ready for an editor to take a look at it. For more details on the workflow, see the workflow docs.

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It would be very interesting to include a reference to ESQL ODBC COBOL since COBOL today, without a data source, doesn’t make much sense. There was a link to the project at Sourceforge, but it must have disappeared. I’ve been searching for it, but I haven’t been able to find it.

I filled in a bug at Red Hat Bugzilla long time ago when gnucobol was retired from Fedora’s repository due to lack of a mantainer. To my surprise, there was alredy somebody working on it and, thanks to him, today we’ve got gnucobol in the updates repository again. I suggested him to package ESQL COBOL as well. He answered that he would look into it, but it seems that he couldn’t do it in the end.

COBOL is for financial world what C is for Operative Systems. COBOL is far, far away from disappearing.


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I started my IT carrier with a COBOL course. Unfortunately I never worked with it (it is quite long time ago).
If there is a tester used to get thru the tutorial i would offer to do so.

This seems interesting. Examples of COBOL application areas and also pointers to further COBOL resources would be good to have.

I’m afraid I am not a COBOL user so I can not help directly with this but searching uncovered this information that might be helpful. If I understand correctly GnuCOBOL is what Fedora provides

As always contributed articles are always welcome.