[Article proposal] Getting better at counting rpm-ostree based systems

Hi everyone,

We’ve been working on enabling counting for rpm-ostree based systems in Fedora for the F34 release (see some progress tracked in Enabling DNF Count Me support in Fedora CoreOS · Issue #717 · coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker · GitHub) and I’ve drafted an article to explain the change to users, including instructions to opt-out for those who do not want to be counted.

Draft is currently here: Getting better at counting: DNF Count Me and rpm-ostree - HackMD

Let me know if this is a good idea for an article and I’ll start converting that to WordPress.



It looks like it would be a good (and informative) article for the magazine. +1

+1 @Siosm I’ve created Taiga card #305 for you. It is assigned to you. Thanks.

Created a draft post as https://fedoramagazine.org/?p=33247&preview=true&preview_id=33247 (public preview: Getting better at counting rpm-ostree based systems - Fedora Magazine). Feel free to edit directly if you have suggestions.