Article proposal: Fixing the touchpad issue on Lenovo laptops once and for all

The touchpad issue (dysfunction) on Lenovo laptops running Fedora is annoying. This could be fixed by the development team in cooperation with Lenovo. It has to do with firmware, drivers, etc. An article on this issue will help hundreds of users.

Hello @gjw;
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I am curious how you envision an article on Fedora Magazine about “fixing the touchpad issue on Lenovo laptops” would elicit the desired outcome. In my experience with the open source community, if you need a fix for something, filing a bug is the best approach. This can also translate to large corporations, who generally value customers, by using their support mechanisms to push your complaint within their support organization. So to start, you should go to Fedora’s Bug Wiki and search to see if your particular bug has already been filed, if so add your comments. If it hasn’t been filed create one stating the problem you want fixed. From the Lenovo side, you will have to go to their website to contact their support team. FWIW, I have had some very good responses from Lenovo and other large companies in the past on technical support issues, even with older products that are likely considered out of date.

Thanks for the feedback. It is not about old versus new hardware; I do have a new Lenovo laptop (S145-14IIL).

Filing a bug report is fine, but the issue seems to have persisted for several years. It is fixed for one specific model (say T480) but others continue to have the problem. Solutions are always preventive and corrective. For an expert, looking into the matter and investigating the questions below will provide the preventive solution and become the material for a wonderful article.

I thought that an article would benefit many; it was just an idea. Is it a kernel issue or a Fedora software issue? Where to start? What to check? Where are the drivers installed? Why aren’t they picked up? How to have the touchpad (elantech, i2c_hid, and others) recognized? What resources are available? What diagnostics can be applied? Is there a fix? etc.