Article Proposal: Fedora + Podman + Systemd for auto updating containers


thanks again for the opportunity to write some articles for fedora.
Based on the comments in Installing Nextcloud 20 on Fedora Linux with Podman - Fedora Magazine, I would like to write an article about how Podman can be used to have auto updating containers on Fedora.

I would do this on a simple example like the ghost blog engine maybe :slight_smile:

A title for the same may be something like:

  • Auto Updating Ghost blog with Podman on Fedora
  • Automating Container Updates with Podman on Fedora

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+1 sounds like a great follow-up

+1 to the idea, I think it will be very useful for a plethora of stuff.

@jakfrost @glb @rlengland any other editors, have an opinion on this one?

+1 from me. I made the Taiga card #293 to track it. @danielwtd if you haven’t already could you please get set up as a writer for the magazine? You can find the pertinent details here Please note you have already done the idea proposal which has been accepted so the rest is a cake walk!

Already a writer, but FAS nick != irc nick and the field IRC nick from the fas account is not working. I will assign #293 to me.

Thanks a lot :smile:

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