[Article Proposal] Fedora on the Framework Laptop

Article Summary:
Framework is a new startup that makes super-repairable and recyclable laptops: https://frame.work

I’m planning to install Fedora on a new Framework laptop next week. I could maybe write an article about the experience, encouraging Linux use on new super sustainable laptops?

Article Description:

Title: “Sustainable Computing Meets Open Source: Installing Fedora on the Framework Laptop”

In an age where sustainability and eco-consciousness are more than just buzzwords, Framework has emerged as a revolutionary player in the tech market with their super-repairable and recyclable laptops. But how does this newcomer fare when paired with the power of open-source operating systems like Fedora? Join us as we dive deep into the experience of merging environmental responsibility with the flexibility of Linux. We’ll navigate the installation process, evaluate hardware compatibility, and measure performance benchmarks. This article not only aims to highlight the merits of the Framework laptop but also hopes to inspire more users to embrace the synergy between sustainable technology and open-source software. Explore the future of ethical computing with us!


+1 for your article, Nadim.
I would suggest that you spend the majority of your article on the installation and any issues you encounter. Concentrate on the Fedora aspect as much as you can. We don’t want anything that may sound too much like a “sales pitch” for Framework. Their eco-consciousness, repairablility, etc are good but shouldn’t be the main thrust of the article.

In fact, there has been collaboration with Framework and Fedora so this article should follow up on that pretty well. Here are two links regarding that aspect.

I’ve created Pagure ticket #224 to track this article.

Please use comments on that ticket if you have questions or need to communicate with the editors about anything.

The overall work flow is described at this link as well as other helpful information.

When you have it ready to review in the Fedora Magazine WordPress site, please leave a comment in this ticket, with a preview link, and we will start the review process.

Thanks for volunteering to write for the Fedora Magazine!

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Hi Richard,

Thanks very much for supporting my pitch!

I’m aware of the risk of this reading like a “puff piece” for Framework products and will diligently avoid that, focusing much more on providing an objective overview of Fedora installation, compatibility, performance and features.

I’ve logged into Pagure and assigned the ticket to myself. My laptop arrives later this week and I’m looking forward to writing the article.

I’m a new member here at the Fedora community but I’ve been a Fedora user for a very long time (10 years+) and I look forward to contributing! Thanks for your patience as I get a hang of how things work around here.

@nadimk It sounds like we are on the same wave length. I’ve been using my 11th Gen Framework for over a year with Fedora MATE and I’ve been quite happy with it. I’m looking forward to your article.