Article Proposal: Fedora on laptop for Students of different age groups

This article can discuss how to make the best out of Fedora running on a laptop, as a tool to access online school course works.

  • running various online meeting tools - Google Meet, Webex, Zoom, etc.
  • using built-in / external mic, echo cancellations, etc.
  • using built-in / external webcam
  • using built-in / external speakers
  • using built-in / external keyboard/mouse/monitor
  • using Printing, to PDF or to hardcopy
  • using various methods to scan/image hardcopy
  • using Optical to Text
  • using Speech to Text, Text to Speech, etc.
  • quickly add input methods, writing methods, etc.
  • parental controls:
  • restrict logon hours
  • restrict online hours
  • restrict websites to visit
  • restrict applications that can run
  • and how to authorize add-hoc locally and / or remotely

This is a good time to revisit this topic as:

  • what is happening in the real world, different age groups of student need prolonged usage of computer for school courses and works
  • now Fedora came with pre-installed on more laptops.
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+1 with some caveats. There are current articles on setting up microphones, speakers, and applying real time noise suppression for video conferencing, which should be linked to for details on doing those things, instead of re-creating the same material.
An article (post) about different meetup tools should be a stand alone post covering just that topic, otherwise it will lose focus and tend to miss the mark with the intended audience.
The topics of using - external keyboards/mice, Printing to PDF and HC, scanning should maybe one post. And depending on the amount of content regarding Text to Speech/ Speech to Text and quickly adding input methods, etc… maybe one on its own.
As there are no specific parental controls aside from the user level management available, I would think this topic for the various restrictions you list would fall under that role and would require enough detail to warrant a post of their own too.
Not certain why you are interested in discussing ad-hoc (wireless?) networking.


I agree with Stephen this proposal is too broad. But focusing on one part of this, like text to speech, would be helpful.

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Thanks for the feedbacks.

Yes, there are good articles for individual topics in the internet. The chanllenge is to find them, then fit everything together in a coherent and working way.

To focus on using Fedora to deliver the needed components will be very helpful for starters. I consider this is an integration guide to add missing components to a base Fedora installation and make use of it very quickly.

So it is aimed to help them install the components, and knowing enough to handle school works / courses.

ad-hoc I do not meant wireless sharing. I mean unplaned needs (to access something).

A good parental control setup will help Fedora (or Linux as a whole) to gain mass acceptance as school kid learning devices. (May be ChromeBook is already a good fit there.)

It’s absolutely true that it can be hard to find articles from different sources and stitch them together. On the other hand, “one stop solution” articles tend to age poorly. I would recommend to keep this in mind while working up this article.

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That is in the spirit of what I am referring to WRT the current (published in 2020) articles at Fedora Magazine. The topic you propose is a multi article (post) topic. It will need to be treated as a series if you hope to cover the amount and diversity of material in a cohesive way, without losing some readers over the size a single post on the subject would become. Referring to existing Fedora Magazine articles on subject matter that is not directly related to but an integral part of the topic subject matter is good practice from a content publishing and community involvement point of view. Plus it has the added benefit of reducing your subjects post size. Using a bit of searching at the Fedora Magazine site to look for relevant published content in support of your post(s) is pretty easy, and maybe you can make a quick howto on the entire topic in that way, with only having to add the necessary content that ties it all together in a single post. That approach is likely more work than splitting the post into a series. I say go ahead with your idea since you have the +1 from two editors. I have created the article spec card #274 at Please take some time to get setup as a writer by following the instructions found at Once you have gotten setup on the Taiga board, let us know here and an editor can set you up as a member of the Fedora Magazine project and assign you to the card I created.

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Yes. Those will outdated each release cycle.

But version specific documents are very helpful to first time users.

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@jakfrost As you have already mentioned in comments that there are already few articles on setting up microphones and webcams. Shall I start writing the article based on first bullet point that is running various online meeting tools- Google Meet, Webex, Zoom, etc.

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@haripriya21 +1 from me. I’ve created Taiga card #358 for the online meeting tools article. It should be assigned to you at this time.

Thanks for working on this!

Thank you @rlengland .I will complete it quickly.