[Article Proposal] Fedora download links

I’m actually still working on the “Apps for daily needs series”. I just thought of this when I was discussing it with friends.

Many people do not know that Fedora has many installers.

(Workstation, Server, Silverblue, etc.)

Fedora Spins
(Alternative Desktop)

Fedora Labs
(Functional Bundles)

Fedora Alt
(Network Installer, Torrent, Everything, Testing, etc.)

I think it is interesting to introduce it through the article.


+1 to the idea of advertising the different Fedora Linux editions. :slight_smile:

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+1 @armanwu
I’ve created Taiga ticket #355 for you.
You know the work flow. Move it to “In Progress” when you start and “Review” when it is ready.

And a big thanks, again!

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Ok. Thanks, @glb & @rlengland .

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Hi, @rlengland and @glb . I’d like to continue writing this: Introduce the different Fedora Linux editions - Fedora Magazine

After the introduction, I want to make it into a series.

  • Fedora Linux editions part 1: Official Editions
  • Fedora Linux editions part 2: Spins
  • Fedora Linux editions part 3: Labs
  • Fedora Linux editions part 4: Alt Downloads

I’m still not sure of the title for part 4, because it doesn’t sound like an edition. But maybe it’s okay because the previous article already mentioned it. What do you think?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Re-reading your original, I think that it covers the Alt Downloads. But @glb may have more of an opinion on it.

Moving forward, I would suggest we open a Pagure card (issue) for each of the parts (1-3) you mentioned and well make them a series in WordPress. You can mention the original in each subsequent article. Let us know if that meets your approval and well create the next card for part 1.

If you have enough new content to present, I think it’s fine to write a new article about the alt downloads. The only thing I can think of to be aware of is that “Fedora Cloud Base image” is about to be promoted back to a full edition. In fact, if you can track down an official reference for that, it might be a good thing to mention in part one of your series.

+1 to the proposal for a new series by the way. And since Richard appears to have already given his +1 as well, I’ll go ahead and make the Pagure cards for you.

I’ve created the following Pagure cards to track your new articles.

Thanks, @glb and @rlengland ! I’ll start writing.