[Article Proposal] Fedora download links

I’m actually still working on the “Apps for daily needs series”. I just thought of this when I was discussing it with friends.

Many people do not know that Fedora has many installers.

(Workstation, Server, Silverblue, etc.)

Fedora Spins
(Alternative Desktop)

Fedora Labs
(Functional Bundles)

Fedora Alt
(Network Installer, Torrent, Everything, Testing, etc.)

I think it is interesting to introduce it through the article.

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+1 to the idea of advertising the different Fedora Linux editions. :slight_smile:

+1 @armanwu
I’ve created Taiga ticket #355 for you.
You know the work flow. Move it to “In Progress” when you start and “Review” when it is ready.

And a big thanks, again!

Ok. Thanks, @glb & @rlengland .