Article Proposal : Fedora CoreOS Test Week 2020-11-06 through 2020-11-12


I would like to raise a request for an article announcing the Fedora 33 CoreOS Test Week. As a part of the emerging platform, a lot of the community folks use and rely on FCOS. It’s very crucial to have it tested before it goes GA.
Note that Fedora CoreOS 33 is in next stream already and this test day will be QA and CoreOS team’s allied efforts to rule out any bugs


@pfrields I have also opened up a taiga and moved it to review

Thanks @sumantrom, we’ll get this going.
[Edit] - Scheduled for tomorrow since I took the liberty of deciding pre weekly meeting that this info was timely and needed to be out there as early as possible.

@jakfrost Thanks a lot!!

Thanks Steve! I was tempted to do the same, but I was weary of violating the standard procedure.