[Article Proposal] Fedora AWS image changes (gp2>gp3, remove standard)

Article Summary:

The Cloud SIG recently implemented a change that switches to gp3 storage by default and removes gp2/standard storage from future images.

Article Description:

We need to explain to users about the reasons for the change, how to override the default storage option, and how to update the scripts they might be using to filter Fedora images at AWS.


Already drafted a post on this topic. I didn’t expect the Fedora Infra change to go through so quickly so I didn’t have all of this pitch process done already. :man_facepalming:

LGTM. +1. @rlengland: I wonder if we should bump things (again) and move this post to Friday’s time slot?

Bump #192 to next week if you want that time slot tomorrow (Friday). Can you take care of that? I’m tied up for about the next 2 hours.

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