[Article Proposal] Fedora at FOSDEM 2023

FOSDEM is around the corner, and we, as a team, will have a significant offline presence there. I want to write a small article highlighting some of the talks we will have, the fact that we will have a booth again, so anyone could stop by and say “hi,” and maybe I would include a small interview with one of the speakers.

After the event, I want to have another article with pictures and facts from it.

Any thoughts?

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Sounds good to me. +1 to the article proposal.

BTW, this category of the discourse forum is “muted” by default for all but the editors who watch it. So if your “Any thoughts?” comment was meant for anyone other than Richard and me, they likely won’t see it. You might need to re-post the question here to get more eyes on it and maybe get feedback from others.

If you are +1 I am fine :slight_smile:

@bogomil I’ve opened Pagure ticket #160 for your article on FOSDEM 2023

Let us know when you are ready for us to review/edit.

For the “after FOSDEM” article, let us know if you want a ticket opened for it now or later, please.


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