[Article Proposal] Exploring OKD on Fedora Workstation

Describe how to run OKD on Fedora Workstation with CRC

The purpose of this article would be to describe how to run a single-node OKD cluster for testing and development on Fedora Workstation with CRC, also known as OpenShift Local. The article would aim to educate the user about 3 things: what OKD is, how it works under the hood and how to install applications on OKD using the web console. Since OKD uses Fedora CoreOS as the base operating system, this article would ideally promote the use of Fedora CoreOS as well. The flow of the article would be as follows:

  1. What is OKD and how does it compare to Kubernetes?
  2. What is CRC?
  3. Preparing for CRC on Fedora Workstation (libvirt and NetworkManager dependencies)
  4. Downloading, installing and setting up CRC with OKD preset
  5. crc start
  6. How OKD works under the hood (Fedora CoreOS), demonstrated by running relevant oc commands
  7. Step-by-step screenshot guide of installing the Argo CD operator via the web console
  8. Creating an ArgoCD custom resource via the web console
  9. Logging in to the ArgoCD web console
  10. Concluding remarks

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