[Article Proposal] Docker and Fedora 37, a farewell

Hey all,

I have another draft for an article related to my favourite topics, Docker and Fedora. This time it will be a bit different though: My experience writing previous ‘Docker And Fedora’-articles (first, second) was based on my professional experience with Docker. But… as of two weeks ago I migrated the company I work for to Podman.

As such, i wish to do a final article about migrating the company as a whole to Podman, using Podman Desktop.


Docker and Fedora 37, a farewell

  • Background
    • Personal story
  • Migrating
    • Image files
    • Docker-Compose
    • Gitlab CI/CD
    • Tooling and integrations
  • Alternative workarounds
  • Company experience
  • Summary

Let me know what you think of it

@mattdm once told me that he would like to see more company-based experiences, and this migration story is certainly a positive one. We’re one of the companies where Fedora Linux has become a synonym with state-of-the-art development tools.

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A big +1 from me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve opened Pagure ticket #156 for your article. Let us know when you have your preview ready in WordPress.

…and thank you for your contributions!