[Article Proposal] Docker and Fedora 35


One and half year ago, I wrote an article about using Docker on Fedora 32. At the time of writing, there were multiple issues that had to be addressed, making for a rather lengthy tutorial.

To this day, that article is still quite popular but I occasionally see people linking it, even if some of the information is outdated. As such, I wish to write a new article as a follow-up to this article.

The contents would roughly be:

  • Set-up
    • Official Docker Inc Repo
    • Moby white-label Fedora Repo
  • Basic usage
    • Run a single image
    • Use docker-compose
  • Tooling
    • Basic UI tool
    • Integration VS Code / VS Codium

Now… I am a great supported of Podman and I was thinking about writing an article about migrating from Docker to podman… but there are already quite a few articles about Podman so I think it would be best to hold off on a ‘migration’-article for a bit.

Also… sometimes people just want to use Docker for compatibility with their team, or because they are playing the long con: First show that Fedora is an A-class OS that supports all the cool toys, and then slowly introduce new and improved systems.

Either way, With this article I want to stay close to the material and just show and tell about Docker.


Hello @eonfge ,
It is a popular article for sure and I think there has been significant progress made in Dockerland over the past year, that are relevant to your article for sure. So a Big +1 from me.

As a end user, I would like to have documentation that I can follow word by word.

For example, when trying to setup digiKam with a MariaDB backend on Podman or Docker is hard enough for starters.

+1 from me @eonfge I would consider the title to see if you can tie the new article into the earlier one, if possible. At least reference it in the article. :slight_smile:
Taiga Card #385 created for this article.

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We should also put a block at the top of the old one directing people to the update.

@sampsonf I will include a full example, which will allow you to easily set up your own local WordPress installation. There are actually quite a few very good demo-projects online, and I’ll also share these with others.

One thing I wasn’t sure about, is if I should include a quick tutorial on how to make your own image. Could be interesting, but it’s quite a daunting exercise. I’ll look into it, to see if it can be included without becoming to much.

@mattdm Sounds good, although one of the editors will have to do so after publication. More in general, perhaps we should also include a ‘caveat emptor’ flag to all posts older then 3 years; 3 years is a long time for Fedora, and at that point you run into the risk that things have changed significantly.