Article Proposal: DNS over TLS configuration

Hi there, I’m Thomas and I would like to propose an article, I apologize if this is not the right place to post.
I already have a draft, these are the details:

Summary: Configure DNS over TLS with systemd-resolved

Description: The purpose of this article would be to describe what is DNS over TLS, security advantages and configuration needed to use in in Fedora 32.

Hi Thobianchi:

I think some things are currently being changed around with regard to how ideas are submitted. At least for now, I think this is a fine place to submit an idea.

Your article idea sounds great to me. As a magazine editor, I vote +1 for this article proposal. I think the rules currently require 2 votes. Once another editor seconds the opinion, he/she can create a card in the Taiga system to track the progress of your article.

Sounds good to me!

great! I’m ready with a draft and logged in Kanban Fedora Magazine, I’m looking forward to see a card and assign it to myself.

Hi Thobiachi:

I just created a card, but then I realized that I don’t have sufficient access to fully activate your account in the Taiga system. So the card is unassigned at the moment. I think jakfrost has admin rights on Taiga. He should be able to enable your Taiga account once he notices that you have initialized your profile by logging in. Once that’s done, your account can be added to the card.

Also, I couldn’t find your FAS account. Have you created one yet? If not, you should be able to do so by following the instructions here:

You’ll need a FAS account to sign on and create content on the web site.

strange, I already have that, username is thobianchi. signed Fedora Project Contributor Agreement.
I found the card, thank you, so I’m waiting now to assign it to myself and start writing.

Hello @thobianchi,
What is your email used on the Taiga board? I can finish setting you up once I have it. All I do is invite you to be a member using that email address.


And added as a writer. Welcome to Fedora Magazine Thomas! Looking forward to your contributions.

I’ll see if I can fix that, @glb.

Forgot to report back, I did fix this.

Hello @pfrields,
Welcome to the community!