Article Proposal: DNF local plugin

I thought it may be worth writing about the dnf-local plugin. It is something I’ve used now since around the Fedora 28 days. I don’t know if it is widely used but it has proven very useful to me as I have a dozen or so Fedora machines that I care for.

We could cover the installation and configuration of the plugin, how it is used and what the benefits are, especially for those on limited bandwidth or monthly useage caps.

I would consider authoring the article and would provide a screenshot or two of my own terminal as DNF is being used.

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I like this idea, :+1:.

However screenshots would not be appropriate. They produce non-searchable content, not to mention usually having formatting differences from readers’ environments.

Instead, just copy and paste the text from the terminal verbatim into “Preformatted” style WP blocks.


+1 with the caveats Paul brought up

+1 from me too! and since I need at least 20 characters …

Perfect! Where do I start?

I’ve made you an author on the WordPress site. But it seems you still need to login to our Taiga instance so we can assign the story to you. Follow these steps:

You’ll find the rest of the process is documented there, just follow the docs page by page so you can see the process and do write back if you have any questions!

Thank you for the help Paul.

I just noticed this thread. Earlier today I proposed essentially the same topic and have a partial draft started at (not sure you can access?). Any contributions or suggestions welcome.