Article Proposal: Deploying Fedora IoT for Podman Containers

Recently I deployed Fedora IoT to a Raspberry Pi and found that the documentation was not very clear. For example it says to use an Ignition file yet doesn’t explain how to get the image on the SD card to look for the Ignition file.

I’d recommend an article(s) on steps needed to get Fedora IoT deployed and running on a RasPi. It would highlight the following:

  • Using fedora-arm-image-installer to flash the SD card
  • Registering the device to Zezere
  • Pushing out the ssh key with Zezere
  • Using an Ansible Playbook to configure the OS post login

Then cover deploying a rootless container with Podman on said FIoT image to highlight some of the following:

  • Using Podman to deploy a rootless container
  • Using Podman to generate a systemd unit
  • Using userspace systemd units (i.e. systemctl --user) to enable / disable and control the container
  • Using Podman auto-update

Is this a topic you can write, or learn enough to do so?

OMG. I can totally write it. No screenshots either.

Actually it’s all stuff I’ve figured out and I’ve done already. At one point I thought about just writing it all and dropping on your lap to publish.

That’s awesome. Here’s the process for getting started as a writer:

+1 from me! I can’t wait for the article!