Article proposal: Deploy your own Matrix server on Fedora CoreOS

Hi everyone,

@cverna and I wrote an article to showcase automatically deploying a Matrix server on Fedora CoreOS.

Private preview link:
Public preview link: Deploy your own Matrix server on Fedora CoreOS - Fedora Magazine
Corresponding GitHub repo with the configuration: GitHub - travier/fedora-coreos-matrix: Fedora CoreOS Config to host a Matrix homeserver (nginx + let's encrypt + synapse + postgresql + elements-web)

Reviews and comments highly appreciated!



This sounds like a great idea to me. +1, maybe we could get someone to do a few tweaks and publish it shortly? I only had a moment to scan, and saw a few grammatical, punctuation, and other trivial things to correct, but it looked great overall.

+1 from me. I read it and agree with @pfrields. It just needs a little edits and image .
I created card #275 on Taiga, and assigned it to @cverna and @Siosm. Happy to edit it if needed, just let me know.

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