Article Proposal: Define your datacenter from top to bottom with NetBox

We are planning to write some article about with @ngompa. That includes basic information what netbox is, what features it provides (high-level overview), how it can be extended (some nice plugins) and example of real-world use-cases.

And how to deploy it properly (from RPM packages) on Fedora / CentOS.


Sounds like an interesting topic. +1 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @ignatenkobrain, long time no see. +1 on the article idea, I have created a card at #265. If you haven’t setup an account there as a writer for Fedora Magazine please follow the instructions on doing so at Thank you for contributing to Fedora Magazine and the community in general.

Does it generate network diagrams? So far we’ve been drawing our local network by hand at our local hackerspace. Would be nice to see a tool that can check if such diagram is up to date and regenerate it.

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