Article proposal: Blog post about how you can build your own personal cloud

Hello Fedora Magazine,

I would like you to know that last week I finished my blog post about how you can build your own personal cloud with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cockpit, Nextcloud HUB and Collabora Online.

Your can find the blog post here:

I believe this is one of the most comprehensive blog posts about how you can build such a kind of server!

Could you give my blog post some attention? Maybe by writing a small article about/around it?

Yours sincerely,

Jeroen Verhoeckx

Hi Scott:

I don’t think Fedora Magazine normally “blogs about blogs”. :slightly_smiling_face: However, @x3mboy is attempting to revive the Marketing channel that manages the various social media accounts associated with the Fedora Project. He may be able to help you promote your blog by posting links to it on Fedora’s social media channels.

I’m going to re-tag this as a Marketing request. But they can bounce it back here if someone thinks this really is a better fit for Fedora Magazine.


Hello Gregory,

I understand it completely; blogging about other blogs is indeed not what Fedora Magzine normally does. On Twitter I do follow the Fedora Project but I’m not able to send them a message because they don’t have that option turned on. Hopefully @x3mboy can/wants to post it on their Twitter account!

Thanks for sending my message to them!




I still don’t have access to the Twitter account, so I can’t help you with this, but what I can recommend is to add your blog to the Planet so your post is share in the Fedora Blogosphere

Hello @x3mboy , thanks for checking!

I tried to share my blog with but they didn’t want to because it wasn’t related to GNOME (what I do understand). I’m afraid I will get the same response from

Thanks, but I think I will leave it at here. Twitter would have been the best option I think.