[Article proposal] Benefits of SPDX licenses

Article Summary:

Explain the benefits of using SPDX schema for licenses.

Article Description:

A brief introduction into our previous Callaway system and that Fedora is migrating to SPDX schema.

A trivial example of two similar, but different licences. Why do we need different IDs for them?

A trivial example of two similar licenses where the difference is not important and how SPDX handles such cases.

Finish explaining how to handle licenses that we cannot or do not want to submit to SPDX.

It sounds good to me. However, I think this should probably be a CommBlog article.

From Fedora Magazine to Community Blog Review

Added commops-team

Discussed in the 2024-02-27 editor roundtable.

Hi @msuchy, the editors met today for our roundtable and we agreed that this would be a great topic for the Community Blog, and we would like to see a draft!

Have you written an article for the Community Blog before? If not, these guidelines will help you on following the best practices. Let us know if you have questions about the process. I am going to mark this thread as solved in the meantime since we approve your pitch. Please start a new Fedora Discussion topic in Community Blog Review - Fedora Discussion once you have a draft ready!