[Article proposal] below: An interactive resource monitor for modern Linux systems

Hi, we’re currently working on getting below packaged into Fedora (Overview - rpms/rust-below - src.fedoraproject.org). We (the below developers) think below is a really neat tool that beats out existing options (FOSS or otherwise). I’d love to write an article for the magazine if the editors think it’s appropriate.

I’d write about:

  • the problem(s) below solves
  • how to install and use it
  • some of salient features

And since below has a TUI front end, I’d want to include some pretty pictures as well.



If it is software that is packaged in Fedora Linux’s default repositories, then it is definitely good subject matter for the Fedora Magazine.


You can begin writing that article as soon as another editor gives this their “+1”. But we’ll want to hold off on publication until the package is actually available in the Fedora Repositories.


+1 @dxuu I’ve created Taiga card #341 for you to track your progress on your article.

Please follow all of the directions found at Writing Articles :: Fedora Docs

Follow the directions for getting access at Getting access :: Fedora Docs Make certain you have signed the FPCA (Fedora Project Contributor Agreement) and that you have signed into Taiga. This is necessary before we can assign the Taiga card to you.

When you have access you can start writing your article at Fedora Magazines Wordpress site, just log in with you FAS ID and create the post.

Once you are added to the magazines project tracking (Taiga) as a writer, and assigned to the card for your article spec by an editor you can move the card to in progress while you are writing the article. After you have completed the article, and feel it is ready for review, move the card to the Review column.

The editorial board meets weekly (Thursday’s at 1500 UTC) at #fedora-meeting channel on libera.chat, and will review the article at that time and decide if it is ready for publishing or not. If publishing is decided, then an Editor and Image creator are assigned (often the same person) and the article gets scheduled. If the editors feel the article needs more work, it will be moved back to the in progress column, and the author will be informed of the reason(s), usually with helpful suggestions on what needs some more work.

We use the Taiga cards to comment on the article as it progresses and to answer questions from the authors, from time to time. It is a handy way of keeping track of the article progress for both the authors and the editors. Also a good place to ask for help about specifics of what you are writing if needed.

Looks really cool! I have been a big fan of atop, and this looks like something that could be a good replacement.