[Article Proposal] Automatically reassign your default printer

Summary: Show how to reassign the default printer to the last printer used.

Description: This article will describe a workflow which calls for a printing model that differs from the ubiquitous single static default printer paradigm, and how we solved the problem on Fedora with Cups, Systemd, and a little Selinux. While addressing this specific use case, it will more generally show how Fedora’s existing capabilities can be leveraged to reduce users’ pain points.

I propose a flow like this:

  • Contrast two default printer management paradigms
    • Present examples of problems with the common static default method.
    • Describe how a default to last used method addresses those problems.
  • Develop implementation requirements
  • Implement a Cups based solution
  • Make a Systemd service for it
  • Tweak Selinux to allow this solution to work in practice

+1 from me, I agree with the premise and have lived with the pain. Plus, the details about Cups + Systemd + Selinux are great reading.

+1 from me too.

I’ve created card #384 to track the status of your article. Move the card to the “in progress” column to let us know when you’ve begun working on the article. Move the card to the “review” column when you believe the article is ready for publication. See here for further details about the process for writing an article for Fedora Magazine.


FYI, the card is #384 (The link in the last comment was correct but the text was not)

Sorry about that. It should be fixed now. :slightly_smiling_face: