[Article Proposal] Announcing Flock 2024 in Rochester, New York

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Article Summary:

This article announces the dates and location of the next edition of the Fedora contributor conference, Flock. I would like to publish this on Thursday, 29 February.

Article Description:

This article includes details about Flock 2024. This includes travel and location details, call for proposals and registration, sponsorship opportunities, and registration. You can also learn the story behind how we selected the city for this year’s edition of Flock.

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Looks great!! :slight_smile:
Cheers to another Flock!

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+1. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good work with setting the context of how we got to Rochester, NY!


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@jflory7 Pagure ticket #262 has been opened to track your article.

Thank you.

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+1 looks great.

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Looks good to me. +1