Article Proposal: An intern's experience with Rust

This article would expand upon previous Rust articles and give a personal take on my experience learning Rust as an intern on the Stratis storage team.

Potential topics:

  • Installation and ease of use (rustup, cargo, crates, default/release builds, compiler errors, learning resources)
  • Upsides and challenges (error handling, lifetimes, programming paradigms, etc.)
  • Reasons to use Rust and possible applications

Hello @lleshchi,
Welcome to the Fedora discussion area! Thank you for your article idea.
+1 from me, it sounds interesting.

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This sounds like it would be a great topic for the the magazine. +1 Please sign in on Taiga once to generate a profile so that I can create a card and assign your profile to it. The card will be used to track the progress of your article. You may now begin writing your article on


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@lleshchi , have you logged into Taiga to initialize a profile? Sorry that I cannot tell unless you explicitly say so (and the system breaks badly if I try to assign a non-existent profile).

@glb I’ve logged in. Thanks for the help!

Thanks @lleshchi. I’ve created card #258 to track your article. Please move it to the “In Progress” column when you start working on the article.