Article proposal - 4 common errors in automation

Summary: 4 Common Errors made in automation practices/policies.


  1. scripts are not tested thoroughly before deployment
  2. admins do not consider the load the scripts will place on resources
  3. admins forget make changes that are then reversed by compliance scripts
  4. admins do not document their work

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  1. Admins do not understand the systems they are automating well enough to automate them effectively
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Thank Richard. If I may make a suggestion, the steps for submitting an article should mention where to actually put the draft. It talks about writing it but not where to actually do that or how to submit the draft.

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Gary, there is admittedly a lot of information to process but if you look at the page you referenced above there is a section labelled

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There it says

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Thanks for your feedback. I think sometimes what seems obvious to some of us who are more familiar with the tools may not be so obvious to others who are less familiar with them.

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You’re right. I saw that last time but I didn’t notice it being a link then. Must have just been my eyes playing tricks on me.